Term 3 has been a busy term with loads of opportunities for everyone! Have a read through our member update to get an idea of what has been happening at Aerodynamix.


  • Monday, 7th October: Term 4 classes start

  • Tuesday, November 5th: Melbourne Cup Day Public Holiday

  • Saturday, 14th December: Last Day of Term 4 classes



Looking for something active and exciting to do these school holidays?

We are a hosting a number of open gyms, structured sessions, skill camps, and even a movie night and pyjama party!

Check out all of the holiday programs that we have to offer here for a little more information on what these programs include and how to book your spot!



This term, Aerodynamix had the exciting opportunity to travel up to the sunny Gold Coast and compete for the first time at the 2019 National Clubs Carnival! 

We are proud and excited to be able to send three teams: Aerobics, WAG Level 6, and WAG Level 7, to represent our Club on the Gold Coast. These teams consist of some of our most dedicated athletes. We would like to congratulate to all of the athletes who participated as, for many of them, this was their very first time travelling as a team! 

The National Clubs Carnival is an 18-day festival of gymnastics, running from September 11-29. This year the NCC attracted over 5000 athletes, officials and spectators from all over Australia!

The first team to arrive on the Gold Coast was the Aerobics squad. These girls were focused and prepared, smashing out a jam-packed two days of competition and their hard work was rewarded with some exceptional results!

Level 6 Intermediate: Paige - Season personal best score of 15.85 coming in 7th place.

Senior Aerodance: Madison - Scoring 16.5 and coming in 4th place in an extremely competitive division.

Level 6 Senior: Kirra - Season personal best score of 15.82, coming in 3rd place

Level 6 Senior: Chanse - Scoring 15.88 and coming in 2nd place.

Level 6 Senior: Madison - Scoring 16.28 and coming in 1st place

Level 6 Senior Pair: Kirra & Madison - This was a debut of their brand new pair routine, scoring 16.1 and coming in 1st place

Level 10 Senior: Jessica - This was Jess’ first time competing in level 10. She scored 18.18, coming in 1st place.

Group Level 1 Performance: Paige, Jess, Madi, Kirra, Chanse - Scoring 17.4 and coming in 1st place.

To calculate the overall performance club, all gymnasts’ results are tallied and points are awarded according to the ranking of each athlete. All gymnasts contribute to their club’s overall score. With 23 clubs competing from around the country we are thrilled that the Aerodynamix team were announced in 3rd position in the overall performance club award!

Our level 6 & 7 WAG gymnasts will be competing at the National Clubs Carnival over the next week. The level 7’s have arrive safely and are currently preparing for their first day of competition. Keep an eye out for some competition updates on our Facebook page!




On August 3rd, our Aerobics athletes competed at the Victorian State Championships. This was an exciting day where our athletes had the chance to get on the floor and show off their hard work against everyone else in Victoria!

We are proud to say that many of our athletes achieved some personal best scores! These athletes are: 

  • Level 4 Junior: Aliyah, with a PB score of 14.35

  • Level 5 Intermediate: Lilly, with a PB score of 15.10

  • Age Group 2: Jess, with PB score of 18.30

A special shout out is in order for our superstar level 1 team! This year the Aerodynamix level 1 team took out first place, performing a polished and professional looking routine! This routine was a definite standout as it included all of our competitive aerobics athletes, ranging from level 3 all the way up to the international stream. Well done girls! 


The MGS invitational was our level 2-5 Aerobics athlete’s final competition for this season and they definitely performed some routines to remember! 

Our level 2’s felt nervous and excited to compete! Luckily they have been working hard, and were able to compete some fun routines, with strong push ups. The level 2s were also made some new friends from other clubs, making this competition a memorable one! This experience has energised their outlook on sport and we are excited to see how their gymnastics develops in the future as a result.

A special highlight for our level 3s was Madeleine competing an impromptu solo aerobics routine! Unfortunately, Maddy’s teammate Liesel hurt her hand at basketball and was unable to compete, but still came along and supported all of her team mates! 

Finally, in our level 4 and 5 class, Isobel finished off her competition season with a massive personal best score of 14.75! Well done Izzy!




On the 11th of August our Gymstar athletes headed to Grips Gymnastics Club to compete. For most of our level 3 athletes, this was their first external competition ever! The level 3’s represented Aerodynamix well, with all of the gymnasts remembering their routines and our level 3 team coming 3rd overall! Well done girls!  

Our level 4 gymnasts got to the competition with lots of energy feeling well prepared in their second year of competition and ready to show off new season routines! The level 4 team performed some incredible beam routines, taking the top 4 places! Well done to Claire, Sophie, Abby and Faith for competing such strong and professional-looking beam routines! 

The level 5 and 6 athletes had a great weekend competing at Grips Gymnastics Club! A special mention is in order for our level 5 gymnast, Kinga, who competed a lovely bars routine, taking home a gold medal! Another shout out goes out to level 6 gymnast, Sophie, who received silver on vault and P-bars and an outstanding 2nd place overall! Fantastic work Sophie! 


Our Gymstar athletes took to the floor at Highett Youth Club with energy and excitement. All of our athletes took on feedback from the last competition and focussed on implementing improvements for this competition and they stood out to on the competition floor! Claire and Faith both received podium awards, Brielle was awarded the “Most Creative Handstand”; and Claire received a special award for having the “Nicest Swings on P Bars”. Good job girls!


This event was attended by our level 6 team and was the final external event for our Gymstar season. From here, all level 3-6 Gymstar athletes will focus on Club Champs and the all important transition testing required for progress to higher levels for the new season.

Our gymnasts earned 17 top six finishes at this event, with Aleesha placing 3rd overall and Felicity 4th.

A special highlight for this event was was the gold medal received by Chloe W for her floor routine. Chloe is a talented gymnast with an affinity for choreography. The routine she performed was of her own making, so we are super proud of her award.

ALP 2.jpg



Competition season for our WAG athletes was kicked off by our athletes with an in-house, practise competition. This practise competition allowed our athletes to experience the fun & excitement of competition whilst also providing an opportunity to learn to manage their nerves and to understand the procedure & etiquette involved in competing. There is a lot to think about as a little gymnast and we understand and appreciate the effort these children are giving us when they approach their gymnastic routines. Our gymnasts performed some fantastic routines and our coaches received valuable feedback for training.


On August 4th our gymnasts took to the floor at the Aerodynamix WAG Invitational. Our athletes felt comfortable with a home ground advantage and we had some great competition highlights! Congratulations to Caitlyn placing 7th overall! Also to Madison for getting, and competing, her kip for the first time ever, and Tylah Carro competing a great beam cartwheel. Mandy’s level 3 team also had some stand out performances with lovely bars routines from Joanne and Alex and some lovely handstands on floor too.

Great work girls! 


On the 11th of August, our level 5 gymnasts travelled to BTYC gymnastics club to compete at their club invitational. The girls had lots of fun and competed strong routines! A particularly special mention goes out to Caitlyn Le Get for competing outstanding routines all around, placing second overall! Another special mention goes out to Tylah Carro who performed a lovely floor routine!  


On the 24th and 25th of August, our WAG athletes competed at Casey Gymnastics Clubs’ Casey Cup. This was an especially exciting competition for our level 2 athletes, as this was their first external competition ever! We hope you had fun girls! 

For our level 3 and 4 gymnasts, Casey Cup was a huge success! A special shout out goes to  Joanne for competing a lovely bars routine and to the Aerodynamix Level 3 Yellow Team for placing 6th overall! The level 4 blue team took home a bronze medal from Casey Cup! This was their first time placing in the top three - great job girls! 

Finally, our level 5 athletes had a blast at Casey Cup, competing some really strong routines all around, with tubing skills developing nicely.



This term our Kindergym gymnasts explored four different themes: 

  • Winter

  • Colours, shapes and numbers

  • Farm, zoo and pets

  • Sport

Each theme provides opportunity to focus on fun activities while learning important new movements. This term our Kindergym athletes enjoyed dancing with Elsa, playing with tigers and butterflies and racing their friends around the athletics track! 

Each of our themes runs for three weeks. This enables the gymnasts to get familiar with skills covered in each of the themes by allowing a week for introduction, a week for consolidation, and a week for extension. This ensures that each of our gymnasts can learn, create good habits, and develop skills.

During this term we also hosted a Book’n’Bounce session with local author Robyn Neil. The Rainbow Snail book series is aimed at improving children's self esteem, confidence and acceptance of others around them. They are beautifully written and illustrated and we all enjoyed listening to Robyn tell the tale of the bully bug.

We love welcoming new members into our team and are passionate about sharing the benefits of gymnastic movement during this important developmental stage.  If you have a little friend who might like to join us, direct them to follow our Facebook page for semi regular new member promotions.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 12.55.09 pm.png


Our 2 hour Gym Star classes have been battling it out this term for tribe points. Throughout the term, gymnasts have been able to earn their tribe points by participating in competitions, for podium finishes, for demonstrating team spirit and good behaviour in class and by winning gymnastic challenges. 

The points have been tallied up, and our winners are… TERRA! In recognition of your awesome efforts we invite all Terra tribe members to come together for a morning of free play and lunch! This celebration will be hosted on Sunday 22nd September from 11:00am-12:30pm. Don’t miss this - book your place here:

After an exciting term, the score board is now reset to zero and the competition will begin again in Term 4. With brand new challenges being introduced any tribe could win!




With the football season hotting up, our coaches planned gymnastics classes with a bit of a football flavour to finish up term 3.

Our Kindergym team practised kicking, catching and throwing during their classes, as well as single leg balances over football cups and very tricky cartwheel hops over the low beams.

In the one hour classes, we changed up our usual classes in favour of running laps, practise marks and kicking with foam block replacing footballs

It was great to see everyone show their team pride and join some fun competitions and challenges - thank you to everyone for getting into the spirit!




Term fees are due in full by the end of the first week of each term.  Fees are issued including a 10% pay on time discount.  This discount is automatically removed if fees are not received by the due date indicated on the invoice. 

Term fees are emailed to families in the final week of each term.  Families can also access account information via our parent portal.  


To best look after your child when they are with us, please ensure that you provide us with information about any medical conditions that may affect your child’s participation.

A reminder that children with a medical management plan (for example an asthma plan) should provide a copy of such plan along with any medication that may be required.  


  • Refunds or credits are not available for missed classes.

  • Make up classes are not guaranteed, however can be arranged if a suitable alternative class is available. In order to be eligible for a make up class, your child's absence must be recorded as an excused absence in advance of your class. For this process to work efficiently, a minimum of 24 hours notice of absence is appreciated.

  • Make up classes can only be offered in a class that has an available position and must be taken within the term that the excused absence is recorded.

  • All requests for a make class must be booked in advance through the front desk or by email. Under no circumstances can a make up class be requested in retrospect


Fees for missed classes are not refundable except under exceptional circumstances.

  • Missed classes due to illness, injury, travel/holidays will be considered only for absences for a period of 4 weeks or more in a single term. Applications for a reduced training fee due to extended absence must be made in writing in advance of the absence. A credit will be placed on the family account which can be applied to the following term fee. No refunds are possible.

  • Credits will be applied to the family account for any classes cancelled by Aerodynamix Gymnastics.