This update provides members with important information about:

  • Final date for 2018 classes & 2019 dates

  • Enrolment for 2019 classes

  • Kindergym wrap

  • Advancing to higher level classes

  • 2018 Club Championships

  • January school holiday program

  • Policy highlights


Final Date for 2018 Classes & 2019 Dates

The final date for 2018 classes is Saturday, December 15th.

In the final week of term 4 at Aerodynamix Gymnastics, children will enjoy a celebration class full of the most popular activities in the gym.  There will be races, challenges, games and obstacles courses.  It is a time to celebrate a successful year of gymnastics and have fun with friends! 

Term 1, 2019 starts on Tuesday January 29th (Monday is a Public Holiday) and finishes on Saturday, April 6th. Term 1 is a 10 week term.

Please remember that classes do not run on public holidays. Your invoice will be amended automatically if your usual class falls on a public holiday.


Enrolment for 2019 Classes

All members in after school classes (including Saturday classes) will be automatically re-enroled for 2019.  If you do not require a class change, you do not need to do anything in order for your child to continue in the same class next year.  If your family timetable has changed, please get in touch with us as soon as possible.  We will do everything we can to help you find a class on the right day and at the right time and the earlier we are aware of your needs, the better we can assist.

If your child is invited to attend a higher level class in 2019, you can accept the invitation by filling out the form sent by email. This form will allow you to nominate your preferred class days and times for the new class. Please fill in the form promptly if your availability is tight. There are limited places available in each class and places will be allocated on a first in basis. Please rest assured that it is not compulsory to take up the offer to move class. You are most welcome to stay in your current class for as long as it suits you. If you do not take up to the offer to move class this time, your child will be automatically re-enroled in their current class for next year.

Members with children attending Kindergym classes should ensure that they fill out the form previously emailed to advise your preferred class for 2019. The change of year is a great time to reconsider your child’s developmental stage and request a move to a kindergym class that suits their increasing ability. Of course, children preparing for school will be excited to join our beginner gymnastics classes. If you have not already completed the form, click here to access the information - it’s quick and easy to get done!  Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information about kindergym classes or the transition to the beginner program.

We will complete all class changes prior to sending out invoices for 2019. Term fees for term 1, 2019 classes will be emailed to families by December 21st, 2018 with fees being due February 3rd, 2019.


Kindergym Wrap

We love watching children grow and at this stage, development is rapid! Lots of our kindergym children are now getting ready for the exciting transition to school and we wish these children - and their parents - all best for a successful school start.

Kindergym classes provide a great opportunity for children to build the physical, social and emotional skills that boost confidence in this important transition. Our classes are designed to compliment the developmental stage of the child, with each class type progressing toward independence.

In our final week of kindergym classes, we will award our school starters with a kindergym graduation certificate to commemorate their participation in our program.

Remember, all kindergym members should get in touch with us to book a class for next year via the email previously sent. You can also access that form here. Children moving to beginner classes will be placed in after school classes together to ensure that we can capitalise on the progress they have already made in gymnastics. Using the transition form, you can let us know your preference for class type and class day/time, or if your plans for gymnastics will change for next year.

Click here for a 2019 Kindergym class timetable. Please note that this timetable is subject to change as we endeavour to meet the needs of our community.


Advancing to Higher Level Classes

Children in after school classes follow a gymnastics pathway that builds skills from the ground up. In beginner and advanced beginner classes, all children move through club levels. Please click on the links below for more information about the levels in these classes:

Beginner class levels (1 hour classes)

Advanced beginner class levels (1.5 hour classes)

In these classes, coaches assess gymnasts in week 4 and 8 of each term to check on their progress and invitations to progress to new classes are emailed to families at the start of week 9 of each term if necessary. If your child misses assessment week, your coach will provide a general assessment - there is no need to be concerned that your child will be held back unnecessarily.

From a 1.5 hour class, gymnasts move to discipline specific classes and there may be an invitation to participate in competitions outside the club.


2018 Club Championships

Our recent Club Championship event was an exciting day! The event is a great way for all of our gymnasts to be introduced to gymnastics competition in a fun and supportive environment. Everybody impressed us with the skills they have learnt throughout the year and we celebrated with a medal to commemorate not only a successful day, but also a healthy commitment to gymnastics throughout the year.


January School Holiday Program

Our January School Holiday Program will run in the week of January 14-18th.

We will release details soon on our webpage and via Facebook. Be sure to like us on Facebook to get the information on your news feed.


Policy Highlight & Term Fee Information


Term fees are due in full by the end of the first week of each term. Fees are issued including a 10% pay on time discount. This discount is automatically removed if fees are not received by the due date indicated on the invoice.

Term fees are emailed to families in the final week of each term. Families can also access account information via our parent portal.


To best look after your child when they are with us, please ensure that you provide us with information about any medical conditions that may affect your child’s participation.

A reminder that children with a medical management plan (for example an asthma plan) should provide a copy of such plan along with any medication that may be required.


  • Refunds or credits are not available for missed classes.

  • Make up classes are not guaranteed, however can be arranged if a suitable alternative class is available. In order to be eligible for a make up class, your child's absence must be recorded as an excused absence in advance of your class.  For this process to work efficiently, a minimum of 24 hours notice of absence is appreciated.

  • Make up classes can only be offered in a class that has an available position and must be taken within the term that the excused absence is recorded.

  • All requests for a make class must be booked in advance through the front desk or by email.  Under no circumstances can a make up class be requested in retrospect.