Kinder Gym

Swinging, climbing, jumping and rolling is not only fun, but builds essential motor skills as well as strong muscles and bones.

Did you know that the more different ways children move, the more connections are made in the brain?  This stimulation gives children a great head start to their academic learning.    

Kindergym is the perfect bonding activity for parents or grandparents and children aged 1-5 years.


Join us for three weeks of classes - only $20.

Limited places available!

Intro offer valid for new members only for classes starting week of October 15th.

Program Outline

Step 1: 45min child focussed session provides an age appropriate learning environment to encourage exploration and problem solving.  This session is broken up into free exploration time and group activities. 

Step 2: 45min instructor lead class in which the parent or care taker play an important role assisting the child to follow instructions, take turns and develop fundamental gymnastics skills. This class will focus on improving fine and gross motor skills well as the the important social skills of listening, taking turns and following instructions in a fun and safe environment.  

Step 3: 1 hour instructor lead independent class for children who no longer need one on one adult support. These positive lessons will provide manageable challenges, building confidence and self awareness in readiness for the important transition into school. 

Kindergym classes